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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Make Money By Online Translating.........!!!

There are Uncountable online jobs on the Internet which were related to different skills.At the passage of time People take intrest in Internet and try to learn some thing from which we get benefit.
but some people just waste there time by playing games all that shit things ect.

Translation (translating) in one of the best online earning source from which you can easily make a big money.for this you must have a skill of languages, you must know to speak and know to write different languages.

There are many websites from which you can easily earn money by making a profile on there,but some of these are scam/fake websites which done work from you 
and can't pay you.

Today I will give you/mention some of the good/trusted websites from which you can easily earn money by getting work.

Most of people post there jobs for the translation of Some paragraphs, chatting Boxes and like that.

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Some Best Website To Earn Money By Translating:






Above I mention some of the best websites from which you can easily earn money by translating, by using your skills.
If u have any Question Related to any thing please feel free to ask in comments.

Monday, 24 March 2014

How to Add a Paypal Donation Box in Blogger...?

Paypal is one of the world best transaction company, which deals with Businesses and also with Individuals.

Paypal is 100% Trusted and hurry online transaction company.People Do different transactions on daily bases,It allows you to make maximum transaction daily.

Paypal is linked with different websites, That websites related to (Social Networking, PTC and MLM ect.).

People want some money by different methods.If they have any skill and they get benefit of there skills They will be success.

Some Blogger/Workers don't know how to Add Paypal Donation Box In Blogger or Website.

Today I am going to tell how how to Add Paypal Donation Box in your Blogger.

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Below I mention some Simple steps By Which you can easily Add Donation Box To your blogger/Website.

Step 1:-
Go to and also Go to Blogger and Login to your account.

Step 2:-
Click On Merchant Services on your Paypal account.

Step 3:-
Click On Donation Which is Given On Right hand side in the Middle of Key Features.

Step 4:-
Give the title of your blog in Organization Name and Leave Donation ID below that choose USD in currency.

Step 5:-
Now leave All the thing and Hit Create Button. A code has been Here on your screen copy that code.

Step 6:-
Go to Blogger -> Edit Html -> Search for "data:post.body" and just Below that Paste the code.

Your Paypal Donation Box has been Added to Your Blogger Successfully.Now Enjoy your Donations.
If you have any Query please feel free to ask in comments.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How to use Google Analytics Tools in Blogger...?

Google Analytics Tools is the one of best Traffic Info Tool. which is used by Millions of Bloggers/Developer all Over the World.

Google Analytics Tools Update You about your each and every traffic conditions,It also Help Us to know

*Visitors/unique Visitors
*Daily/monthly/weekly Page views
*Bounce Rate of The website/blog
*Duration of The website/blog (ect.)

You,can easily add your Blog to Google Analytics Tools for Knowing The Whole traffic Condition of your Blog OR Website. Below I mention simple steps by Which You can easily
Add your Blog To Google Analytics Tool.

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Steps To Add Your Blog To Google Analytics Tools :
("DO as same as Mention in steps Below For Bloggers/Blogs")

1-Go to‎

2-Login by using your Blogger id , pass.

3-Click on Sign Up at right hand side.

4-Add all the Details What They want.

5-Click on Get Tracking ID.

6-After Clicking on Get Tracking ID. a new Page will Be appear at The top a Number was given Like that : UA-67533-9.

7-Copy That Code.

8-Come to Blogger Select that Blog Which you was Given on Google Analytics Tools.

9-Click on Settings Of That Blog.

10-Click On Other at the left side on Bottom.

11-The new page will be appear now at the end of The page There will be a Box Written As "Google Analytics" Paste that Code which you coyed from Google Analytic Tools in the box.

12-Click on Save Settings.

13-Go to Google analytics account and Click On Home.

Your Blog was Successfully Added to Google Analytics.Google analytics Will take at Least 24 Hours to update Your Blog.!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

How To Add Facebook Like Button On Blogger Side Bar....??

Facebook is the World Biggest Social Media (sharing) Website which is used by more then Billions of people All Over The World.Thousands of People Join Facebook In a day.

We can Find People (Relatives,Friends,Family members, employs est) from All over the world.People like Pictures,Videos,Pages ect.

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Today I will know You How To Add Facebook Like Button To Your Blogger Side Bar. Many People Have a Blog and Most Of The people Have a Facebook Fan Page But Most of Them Don't Know How to Get Likes from the people and also they dn't know to add a Facebook like button on Blogger.

There are Many methods for getting likes from the people but I will Tell You The Best Method From which You Will have a value In Facebook Market.

Below I Mention Simple Steps How to Add Facebook Like Button To Your Blog follow below Instructions:

1-Go to (Login)

2-Go to

3-Insert Width and Height For the Button.

4-Check All the Options With Out "Show Posts

5-Click on "Get Code" Below a code has been appear.

6-Go to Blogger Template->Edit Html and seach <Body> Past The 1st script under The Body tag.

7-Go to Layout Click on "Add Widget" Go to Html-javascript Paste 2nd Code and Save It.

Your Facebook Like Button Was Created Successfully.

Friday, 14 March 2014

How to Submit a Site Map To Google....?


Google is the World Largest "Search Engine" which is running from many years, where you can easily get every update of anything just in seconds. Google is use for many purposes like finding jobs, schools, colleges, universities est.

This Will May Help Full To You: Simple Steps To Earn Money On Youtube.

Today I am Going To tell You That How To Submit a Site Map to Google. You can Make Sitemaps on Google (o many Different Search Engines Like Bing, Yahoo est). For publishing your Website/Blog on Search Engine for Getting Traffic.

 Submitting sitemap to Google was Very Easy and Very Simple. You Can Get huge Traffic (Unique Visitors) From World Wide. Below I mention Some Simple Steps By Which You Can Easily Submit Your Sitemap To Google(Search Engine).

Simple Steps For Submitting Site Map To Google Search Engine:

Do Same As Me What I am Doing:

*Login/Sign In by Using your Blogger Email Id and Password.
      *Click On The Blog Link For Which You Want To Make Sitemap.

      *Click on Add A Sitemap.

       *Go to 
        (and Submit you Blog URL and scroll Down at last This type of Tag will be given (atom.xml? redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500)

       * Copy that Tag And Paste Where Black Circle Was Given in The Picture Below.

     *Click On Submit Sitemap.

     * Your Site Map Was Submitted Successfully To Google.



Thursday, 13 March 2014

Best Websites for Downloading Blogger Templates For Free!

Many of people want a good, Attracting look of their Blog. Blogger Templates  were made by web designers and web developers. You also made Blogger templates if you have a little Knowledge about web designing OR developing.

Many people didn’t know That How to make Blogger Templates and From Where We can Get Free Blogger Templates from Which Our Blog Look like a Professional. Today I am going to Give Some of the Best Websites In The World which Provide Free Blogger Templates to the Blogger’s.

If You want to Change you’re blogger template you can go through the Sites Which I mention Below and Download Your Favourite Template and Upload It In Your Blog.

Below Were Some Best Companies(Website’s) which provide free Blogger Templates :
Mas Templates was one of the Best Website Which Provide Free Blogger Templates for the User’s,Bloggers. This Website Is working From Last 5 Years.


Template-ism is also the best company which provide free blogger templates for the blogger’s.


Best Blogger Templates was also a good company which Provide free Blogger templates and It also Provide Quality Templates.


Btemplates was running from last 3 years, You can get Much Benefit from this Website This site Provide Large Number of Searching Tools With The template.


New Blogger Themes Was Also A good Website Which Is Providing Service’s From Last Couple of Years.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Get A Huge Traffic From Social Meida

Social Media : -
Social Media is a very use full thing in the world. Social Media is one of the best from which we communicate each other from all world wide people.By the Passage of time Technology will Became very good and by the use of Technology People try to find some thing new.There are many website from which you can easily Communicate the People of the World from any where, There are some Popular websites like: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Ect. From it we can also get more benefit by Different Ways.

Social Media For Traffic : -
As You all Know That From Social Media Websites We can get Different Benefits.Our Topic Is Targeting Social Media for Traffic. You all Have Websites and Blogs from Which You can Earn Some money On daily Bases For Earning Money from Blogs and Websites you have a good Traffic Strategy.So if You Want To get A huge Traffic Follow Some Simple Steps Which I mention Below.

Steps To Get Traffic From Social Media : -
1.Make a Page On Your Facebook Account.
2.Post Each And Every Post on The page You Created.
3.Post Your Link In Different Groups and Send in Chat Rooms.
4.Do Above Steps In Daily Bases Till 1 month.
5.After 1 Month You will Automatically get A Huge Traffic On Daily Bases.

Read Above Steps and Try to Do as Above mention for a good traffic Strategy And Also for success.  

Monday, 24 February 2014

Simle Steps To Make Money On Youtube

You Tube:-
YouTube is a Big Video sharing website which is running from last 10-12 years. YouTube is a free video Sharing Website and also gives us Opportunity to Make Money. YouTube is a biggest video sharing free website on world wide.As you All Well know that YouTube is Banned In Pakistan from last 2 years due to Religiously  Dis Hurt ness. Now a days Technology is very fast and by getting Benefit of the technology you can unblock YouTube in Pakistan by some software's I mention below.You can easily earn money by YouTube. YouTube is a Partner of Google Ad sense If You want to Earn a Huge Money you have to Do some Hard working for this Purpose.

Unblock Youtube In Pakistan :-
You can Unblock YouTube in Pakistan by Downloading Following Software's.

1.Expact Sheild
2.Hotspot Sheild

These are some Good Quality software's from which you can easily unblock YouTube in Pakistan.

Steps To Earn Money On Youtube :-

1.Sign-Up on Google Mail.
2.Make multiple video's by Your self by visiting different places Which attract people.
3.Upload that video's on You Tube.
4.Try to get 1000's of unique visitors on Daily Bases mostly from USA, UK, Canada, Australia ect.
5.Try to Get Subscribers As Much As You Can.
6.Run Your Video On You Tube Till 3-4 Months.
7.Apply On Google Ad-sense.
8.Monetize Ad-sense Ads On your Video.

Above I mention Some Simple steps That How you can Earn Money By You Tube Stay Tuned for More Sources Like Us and share our Blog with Your's.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

5 Best Alternatives of Adsense

What Is Adsense.......?

 is a Programme which is run ( Organize ) by GOOGLE that Enable Publishers to Earn money by Displaying Advertisements on There Blogs,Websites,Videos. Ect.

Alternatives Of Adsense :-

As You All well know that Adsense is now very hard (complicated) to use,Specially in Pakistan it is impossible to create a new Account so There are also Some Alternatives of Adsense which Pays Us Maximum Amount daily by unique Visitors and Unique Add clicks.

1--Media is Powered By Bing and Yahoo. Media.Net is 1 of Best Alternative of enable publisher to Earn Maximum Revenue from There Blog,Website. ECT.

Chitika is also a good Alternative to Adsense. It also gives Maximum Revenue to The Publishers and this Company is Running from last 10 Years and no Complain from any Publisher  till now.

Infolinks is also a best Text-Advertising company which Enables Publishers to Get maximum Revenue by Publishing Text Ads on There Blogs,Websites.

Bidvertiser is also a good Alternative of Adsense from which you can easily make a big Profit.Bidvertiser gives very Low Rates for the Asian Countries.

Adhitz is also a good Alternative of Adsense which Pays from $0.01 to $2.5+ Per click.Adhitz is NOT ALLOWED for Pakistani Publishers It is Banned for Pakistani Publishers.

So, Above I mention Some of very Best Alternatives of Adsense Which Pays to the Publishers.Enjoy Your Earning from Above Sites Register and Display Ads On Your Vlogs,Websites and Get More Clicks More $$$$$.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Make Money With PTC Sites..!

PTC stands for (Pay To Click) Which mean that the company pays you an small amount by clicking advertisements of that site/company.There are Uncountable PTC sites which were running now but Some of Them were SCAM But I am Going to Mention Some of The Highest Paying and 100% approved sites.

Below were some PTC sites From Which You Can Easily Earn Money From Them:


Clixsense is a PTC site Which is working From Last 10-15 Years. You can Easily Earn Money From This By Following Below Simple Steps.

1.Go To:

2.Register With Clicking Sign Up Button at The top Right Hand side.

3.Verify Your Account. ( A Email is Sent to your  E-mail Address Verify It By Clicking Given Link ).

4.Login To Your Account and Start By Clicking View Ads.


Probux is also a good Company which is running from last 3-5 years and It is 100% Paying. 

1.Go To:

2.Register With Clicking Register Button at The top Right Hand side.

3.Verify Your Account. ( A Email is Sent to your  E-mail Address Verify It By Clicking Given Link ).

4.Login To Your Account and Start By Clicking View Ads.


NeoBux is a Pakistani Company which is also a Good and Paying Company.This Company is running From Last 5-10 Years.It is also 1 of The Goog/Best PTC site.

1.Go To:

2.Register With Clicking Register Button at The top Right Hand side.

3.Verify Your Account. ( A Email is Sent to your  E-mail Address Verify It By Clicking Given Link ).

4.Login To Your Account and Start By Clicking View Ads.

4.Golden Clix

GoldenClix is also A good Company It Also Pays to the members of This Company It provide Good Benefits To The people/Members Of This Company.

1.Go To:

2.Register With Clicking Register Button at The Left Mid side.

3.Verify Your Account. ( A Email is Sent to your  E-mail Address Verify It By Clicking Given Link ).

4.Login To Your Account and Start By Clicking View Ads.


Ojoo is Also a good site Which Is Providing Earning Opportunities to The Members of This Site. This Site is Running From Last 5-10 Years and 100% Paying.

1.Go To:

2.Register With Clicking Register Button at The top Right Hand side.

3.Verify Your Account. ( A Email is Sent to your  E-mail Address Verify It By Clicking Given Link ).

4.Login To Your Account and Start By Clicking View Ads.

Enjoy Earning From Above Given PTC Sites Which were 100% Paying.

Top 5 Highest Adsnese Earners Of 2013-2014

Adsense is a advertising company which is providing good benefits for the people who is using this programme. adsense is a good website/company from which provide ads to the people who use blogs/websites ect.Many People get success with this company and still going on.

Below are some Top Earners of 2013-2014 who will be success in ad sense very greatly.

1)Pete Cash More


Adsense Earning Per Month:$65,50,000.00

2)Shawn Hogan

Adsense Earning per Month:$5,50,00.00

3)Michale Arrington

Adsense Earning per Month:$25,00,00.00

4)Markus Friend

Adsense Earning per Month:$35,00,00.00

5)Nick Halstead

Adsense Eaning per Month:$25,00,00.00

Above are Mentioned Some Highest Adsense Earners Of the year 2013-2014.
They were the some of Successers of The Adsense Programme.


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