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Monday, 24 February 2014

Simle Steps To Make Money On Youtube

You Tube:-
YouTube is a Big Video sharing website which is running from last 10-12 years. YouTube is a free video Sharing Website and also gives us Opportunity to Make Money. YouTube is a biggest video sharing free website on world wide.As you All Well know that YouTube is Banned In Pakistan from last 2 years due to Religiously  Dis Hurt ness. Now a days Technology is very fast and by getting Benefit of the technology you can unblock YouTube in Pakistan by some software's I mention below.You can easily earn money by YouTube. YouTube is a Partner of Google Ad sense If You want to Earn a Huge Money you have to Do some Hard working for this Purpose.

Unblock Youtube In Pakistan :-
You can Unblock YouTube in Pakistan by Downloading Following Software's.

1.Expact Sheild
2.Hotspot Sheild

These are some Good Quality software's from which you can easily unblock YouTube in Pakistan.

Steps To Earn Money On Youtube :-

1.Sign-Up on Google Mail.
2.Make multiple video's by Your self by visiting different places Which attract people.
3.Upload that video's on You Tube.
4.Try to get 1000's of unique visitors on Daily Bases mostly from USA, UK, Canada, Australia ect.
5.Try to Get Subscribers As Much As You Can.
6.Run Your Video On You Tube Till 3-4 Months.
7.Apply On Google Ad-sense.
8.Monetize Ad-sense Ads On your Video.

Above I mention Some Simple steps That How you can Earn Money By You Tube Stay Tuned for More Sources Like Us and share our Blog with Your's.

Me Irshad Alam who is a Pro Blogger and a student of Metric Class. What ever I know/Learn I share with you on This Blog stay with us for new updates and learn some thing that you don't know.

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