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Sunday, 16 March 2014

How To Add Facebook Like Button On Blogger Side Bar....??

Facebook is the World Biggest Social Media (sharing) Website which is used by more then Billions of people All Over The World.Thousands of People Join Facebook In a day.

We can Find People (Relatives,Friends,Family members, employs est) from All over the world.People like Pictures,Videos,Pages ect.

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Today I will know You How To Add Facebook Like Button To Your Blogger Side Bar. Many People Have a Blog and Most Of The people Have a Facebook Fan Page But Most of Them Don't Know How to Get Likes from the people and also they dn't know to add a Facebook like button on Blogger.

There are Many methods for getting likes from the people but I will Tell You The Best Method From which You Will have a value In Facebook Market.

Below I Mention Simple Steps How to Add Facebook Like Button To Your Blog follow below Instructions:

1-Go to (Login)

2-Go to

3-Insert Width and Height For the Button.

4-Check All the Options With Out "Show Posts

5-Click on "Get Code" Below a code has been appear.

6-Go to Blogger Template->Edit Html and seach <Body> Past The 1st script under The Body tag.

7-Go to Layout Click on "Add Widget" Go to Html-javascript Paste 2nd Code and Save It.

Your Facebook Like Button Was Created Successfully.

Me Irshad Alam who is a Pro Blogger and a student of Metric Class. What ever I know/Learn I share with you on This Blog stay with us for new updates and learn some thing that you don't know.

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