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Monday, 24 March 2014

How to Add a Paypal Donation Box in Blogger...?

Paypal is one of the world best transaction company, which deals with Businesses and also with Individuals.

Paypal is 100% Trusted and hurry online transaction company.People Do different transactions on daily bases,It allows you to make maximum transaction daily.

Paypal is linked with different websites, That websites related to (Social Networking, PTC and MLM ect.).

People want some money by different methods.If they have any skill and they get benefit of there skills They will be success.

Some Blogger/Workers don't know how to Add Paypal Donation Box In Blogger or Website.

Today I am going to tell how how to Add Paypal Donation Box in your Blogger.

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Below I mention some Simple steps By Which you can easily Add Donation Box To your blogger/Website.

Step 1:-
Go to and also Go to Blogger and Login to your account.

Step 2:-
Click On Merchant Services on your Paypal account.

Step 3:-
Click On Donation Which is Given On Right hand side in the Middle of Key Features.

Step 4:-
Give the title of your blog in Organization Name and Leave Donation ID below that choose USD in currency.

Step 5:-
Now leave All the thing and Hit Create Button. A code has been Here on your screen copy that code.

Step 6:-
Go to Blogger -> Edit Html -> Search for "data:post.body" and just Below that Paste the code.

Your Paypal Donation Box has been Added to Your Blogger Successfully.Now Enjoy your Donations.
If you have any Query please feel free to ask in comments.

Me Irshad Alam who is a Pro Blogger and a student of Metric Class. What ever I know/Learn I share with you on This Blog stay with us for new updates and learn some thing that you don't know.



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